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Extraction of Flavour Substances from Potato Skins

It is well-known that the skins of the potatoes and the layer immediately beneath have a specific taste which cannot be found again in the deeper parts of the potatoes. This "deep-earthy" potato taste can lend a distinctive touch to certain potato products:

One could, for instance, think of enhancing the flavour of mashed potatoes by adding to them a little bit of the "deep-earthy" flavour-enhancing substance. Thus, it would also be possible to prepare factory-made potato salad in a more flavour-intense way. - If, for example, a housewife in Germany wants to prepare a good and tasteful potato salad, she will cook the potatoes in their skins. Then only the skins will be peeled off, normally by hand. This way one saves the flavour substances immediately under the skins and, with that, the "deep-earthy" taste of the potatoes. 

This specific potato taste can be extracted from the skins and the layer immediately beneath, if these are peeled off "dry". This can be realized with some special models of our peeling machines. The further extraction of an e.g. flavour substance base is, in our opinion, feasible, using the technology and technical possibilities offered in the market. 

As far as the washing of the potatoes and the dry abrasion of the outlayer of the potatoes is concerned, we have in our program both carborundum peeling machines and blade peeling machines and plants, here both continuous models and discontinuous ones.

We are able to supply - considering the particular requirements of our customers - complete peeling plants, from the handling of raw material down to a possible slicing or dividing machine.

If the skins are peeled off by means of carborundum tools (= peeling by cell-destructive abrasion of the layer), a liquid skin mash is produced (despite dry peeling), because the fruit water is set free by this operation (potatoes contain some 80 per cent humidity (= fruit water).

Blade peeling causes many little scales. There is hardly any humidity set free. 


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