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The Personnel-Saving Combination of Inspection Table / Potato Dividing Machine 

for Smaller and Medium-sized Potato Peeling Plants


We plan and design larger potato peeling plants, which peel potatoes for the catering section, with an automatically working sorting and dividing station. Our treatise Q 61 gives a more detailed description of this plant. In short words: in this sorting and dividing station the peeled potatoes are first sorted in sorting drums, according to their size, and then fed into the respective dividing machines.

For smaller and medium-sized enterprises we have a simple but none the less economic solution:

Here, we combine the inspection table and the dividing machine and connect these two machines by means of a special chute.

At the end of the inspection table (belt or roller inspection table) are installed for example four channels (lanes). These lead, over the four channels in the special chute, into the four lanes of the dividing machine. We keep also dividing machines with 2 and 6 lanes.

In most cases the dividing machine type DORNOW KT1 E is used with 2 halving stations (e. g. left side) and 2 quartering stations (e. g. right side = 4 lanes). Here, the personnel sorts out the smaller potatoes to be halved into the two left channels on the inspection table, while the bigger potatoes to be quartered are separated into the two right-hand channels.

Thus, you save a considerable number of personnel who would be needed for dividing the potatoes into "plate-ready" parts.

The profitability of this solution becomes especially evident if the raw material is sorted before and the sorting sizes do not differ too much.

As far as the inspection tables are concerned, they can be designed as conveyor inspection belts or roller inspection belts. One will normally use roller inspection belts. – Please read our paper Q 66: "Roller inspection belts for peeled tubers and roots".

As regards the subject "Dividing", we can make the paper Q 04 available to you: "DORNOW Dividing Machines for Peeled Potatoes". In this paper, all DORNOW dividing machines are listed and described. So our program also includes, for example, two lane and six lane dividing machines and such dividing machines that allow only halving, but have higher capacities.

Best business references are available.

We offer the possibility of seeing our machines and plants in operation.


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