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The Continuous Universal-Multi Disc Peeling Machines (MSS)

as Carborundum Peeling Machines

Series AK, BK and CK


(The carborundum discs can be replaced partly or completely with blade peeling discs)


Design: Arrangement of many small carborundum peeling discs on horizontal, extendable peeling units with a conveying device moving over the peeling area. 

The machines can be supplied with one peeling unit (AK), with 2 peeling units (BK) or with 3 peeling units (CK). Each peeling unit is provided with 24 peeling discs.

(K = Carborundum model). 

The newly-designed machine can be used for the continuous carborundum peeling of potatoes, several different tubers and root vegetables as well as fruit. 

The feeding of raw material into the machine must be carried out regularly and adjustably. The products to be peeled are passed, by means of a conveying device, over many small carborundum discs. 

It is especially worth mentioning that the products are peeled in a careful and gentle way, which results in a better keeping quality and durability, e.g. in case of peeled potatoes. 

The peeling units, on which the small carborundum discs are mounted, can be easily pulled out of the machine. Thus, the peeling discs can be cleaned or exchanged. 

The speeds (number of revolutions) of the peeling discs and the conveying device can be electronically adjusted, infinitely variable and independent of each other. A switch box does belong to the delivery. 

If the discs are provided with a fine carborundum granulation, one will achieve a very smooth and accurate peeling result. Please see pictures of this peeled potatoes on the web. 

By means of an additional equipment, the machines can work without producing waste water, when peeling most of the products. Please see picture of peeled potatoes on our Internet presence. 

Capacities (in-feed, approx.)








for potatoes pre-peeled with carborundum (at 90 per cent), e.g. in roller peeling machines

1.000 kg/h

2.000 kg/h

3.000 kg/h


Capacities (approximate in-feed) of raw goods

  500 kg/h

1.000 kg/h

1.500 kg/h


The power ratings are only guidance levels. The quality of the raw goods, the size of the potatoes, the required level of cleanness and other factors effect the capacity and can cause big variations of capacity.

Dimensions and further technical data: (without additional equipment for peeling without producing waste water, approx.):

AK                            BK                        CK

Length                                          L                       3100                         3100                     3100
Height                                           H                      1500                         1500                     1430
Width                                            B                        780                         1105                     1430


length of peeling unit                      SA                     2450                         2450                     2450
Width of peeling unit                       SB                      321                           646                       971
Height of peeling unit                      SH                      992                           992                       992

Height of opened

machine                                        HA                     2200                         2200                     2200
Discharge height                            A                        830                           830                       830
Input height                                   E                       1392                         1392                     1392

  Power supply 
3 / N / PE / 400 V / 50 Hz
                                                                            1,7 kw                       3,2 kw                   4,7 kw
Minimum pressure:                                                  1 bar                          1 bar                      1 bar
Water supply:                                                           R ½”                          R ½”                     R ½”

For peeling without waste water, the machines and their movable peeling units are normally put somewhat higher in order to get floor space for the installation of a worm conveyor (auger) and a pump or for a conveying machine for the removal of skins.




Conversion (retooling) into blade peeling machines or into carborundum / blade peeling machines 

The machines can easily be retooled into blade peeling machines by replacing the carborundum discs with blade peeling discs.

(Denomination of types: AM, BM and CM)  

Moreover, it is possible to retool the machines quickly into combined carborundum/blade peeling machines.

(Denomination of types: AKM, BKM and CKM) 


Special Features: 

1.    The carborundum discs can be supplied with rough granulation down to finest carborundum coating.
2.    If a fine granulation is applied, e.g. potatoes leave the machine with a very smooth surface. The peeled products are very much liked for their excellent appearance. (Pictures on the web)
3.    The soft peeling process also allows the peeling of certain sorts of fruit and other sensitive (fruit products).
4.    It is especially worth mentioning that the machines can work without producing waste water, if provided with an additional equipment, when peeling most of the products.


Test machine (= laboratory machine near to reality) 

As a rule, we have a machine for test purposes at our disposal, equipped with a large variety of peeling discs (also blade peeling discs).  Please ask us for more details as far as the carrying out of tests is concerned. – Read also our paper Q 155: “Peeling Tests with a Multi-Disc Peeling Machine MSS”.

Pictures of the machines: on the web!


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