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The special cutting machines for French fries (UK: chips)
“XA”, “Super XA” and “KF” (0642ff.)

– also suitable for slicing potatoes –


The special features of the machines: 

1.         The machines make sure that the potatoes are sliced lengthwise, the result of which is largely long sticks, which is desirable for French fries. (The potatoes for the production of French fries should have a sorting size from Ø 55 mm upwards). 

2.         During the slicing process the potatoes are not squeezed, but led through the cutting block, by means of rotating circular blades, without exerting any pressure worth mentioning. The result is a smooth cut. 

3.         Due to the smooth cut (see 2), the absorption of oil or fat during the frying process will be as low as possible. 

4.         The throughput capacities and art. numbers of the machines:
”XA”                 approx.   500 –   800 kg/h (0642)
”Super XA”        approx. 1000 – 2000 kg/h (0643)
”KF”                 approx. 2000 – 3000 kg/h (0644) 

5.         There are cutting blocks for the machines from approx. 6 x 6 mm up to approx. 14 x 14 mm, increasing in steps of about 1 mm each. Cutting blocks for discs are available between 5.5 mm and 14 mm. The cutting blocks can be exchanged in a couple of minutes. 

6.         The machines have an extremely sturdy construction and are suitable for industrial enterprises. Also the blade blocks and blades come up to high expectations. 

7.         Furthermore, blade blocks and blades are good value. 

8.         Cleaning and maintenance can be easily carried out. 

9.         All parts are made of stainless material. 

10.        Safety: The standard equipment comprises a safety device for the blade blocks.
The construction of the feeding funnel is in accordance with EC safety regulations.  

11.        The smallest and largest sorting sizes of potatoes that can be fed into the machines, approximate measures:
The machines “XA” and “Super XA”:
Smallest Ø                   approx.   40 mm            = sorting size 40 x 40 mm
Largest Ø                     approx.   80 mm            = sorting size 80 x 80 mm
Smallest length approx.   60 mm
Biggest length   approx. 150 mm 

The machine “KF”:
Smallest Ø                   approx.   40 mm            = sorting size 40 x 40 mm
Largest Ø                     approx.   85 mm            = sorting size 85 x 85 mm
Smallest length approx.   60 mm
Biggest length   approx. 160 mm 

12.        General dimensions of the machines:
The machines “XA” and “Super XA”:        l x w x h:          about 830 x 420 x 410 mm
The machine KF:                                  l x w x h:          about 975 x 500 x 520 mm 

13.        The water consumption for keeping the blades clean is only 30 – 50 l/h. 

14.        When cutting French fries and slicing potatoes, some edge pieces will necessarily be produced. In order to sort these out – if required so – we have various sorting machines (0850, 0855ff.) in our production programme. – Please ask for detailed offers!

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