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A short description of the Continuous Universal-Multi Disc Peeling Machines MSS 

which can be used in the Potato and Vegetable Processing Industry 

as well as in part in the Fruit Processing and in the Juice Industry




Construction: Arrangement of many small peeling discs mounted on horizontal, movable peeling units with a conveying device which moves over the peeling area.
- The peeling discs can be provided with blades or with carborundum coating.
- The blade peeling discs and the carborundum peeling discs are quickly exchangeable.
- We supply various types of blade peeling discs for the different products to be peeled.
- The height of the blade positioning is adjustable.
- One can choose the granulation of the carborundum coating from very fine until rough.
- The carborundum coating can be quickly removed and replaced with a new coating.

The MSS machines can be used as blade peeling machines, as carborundum peeling machines and as  combined carborundum/blade peeling machines.
- In no time you can convert a blade peeling machine into a carborundum peeling machine an vice versa.

The speeds of the  peeling discs and of the conveying device can be steplessly controlled by means of frequency control. A switch box does belong to the delivery.
- The machines are supplied in 3 sizes: with one, two or three extractable peeling units.
- Each of the peeling units is provided with 24 peeling discs.

Goods to be peeled: Tubers and vegetable roots, partly certain sorts of fruit and some other natural products. – Requires technical consultation.

Capacities: very differing. -  Very high capacities can be achieved if – by means of preconnected machinery – pre-peeled goods are fed into the machine.
- Special use (example): celery roots can be peeled, with appropriate blade discs, without water / waste water.
- In most cases, the MSS machines can peel without water / waste water. We supply the necessary additional equipment.
- Special advantage: The machines work very softly, so that, for instance, the durability of peeled potatoes is enhanced.
- Soft peeling: This allows also the peeling of certain fruit sorts and other sensitive fruit.

Papers with further details: Q 105 and Q 131. – As far as the subject of peeling is concerned, a whole series of papers are available at our firm.

For tests we have, as a rule, a machine available with a variety of peeling discs (= near-to-reality laboratory machine). – Please ask for more details regarding the carrying out of tests and read our treatise Q155: “Peeling tests with a multi disc peeling machine MSS”.

We are looking back at more than 40 years of experience in the field of peeling.

This paper contains non-committal notes. We do not lay claim to completeness. Alterations reserved. 
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