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  1. Tubers/root vegetables to be peeled?    
  2. Raw products kg/h?    
  3. Sorting features of the raw goods? Size? Cross section? Unsorted?  
  Length? Width?    
  4.  Is there much earth and mud sticking to the products?    

What is the peeled produce used for?
Which finished product is to be produced?  

Required degree of cleanness of the peeled products?
Totally clean? Half-clean?  

Required waste percentage?
(please give figures as realistic as possible!)  

State of the raw products?
Good, medium quality, bad?  
  9. Will the peeled products be processed immediately?    
10. For how many days will the peeled material be stored (durability)?    
11. Is your opinion that carborundum peeling (= abrasive peeling) will do?    
12. Is blade peeling to be used?    
13. Is combined carborundum and blade peeling to be applied?    
14. Is steam peeling to be applied?    

Is the delivery of the peeled products to be effected under water?
Weigth? Weight unit(s)?  

Is the peeled produce to be treated with Drywite (anti-oxidation agent to avoid decolouring)?    

Delivery in plastic bags?
5,10,15 kg?  

Delivery in vacuum-sealed bags? 
5,10 kg?  

Is durability to be achieved by heat treatment (sterilization, pasteurization) of the peeled goods in plastic bags?    

Which degree of automation is the machine/plant supposed to have?
21. Are there many stones to be found in the raw products?    

Are the peeled products to be cut/sliced? Description of the cut/sliced pieces/shapes?    
23. Description of your further ideas/conceptions: 

24. Additional description, eventually as enclosure  

Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. Even if you are not able to give comprehensive and detailed answers to all questions, it will nevertheless be a good orientation for us to know your objectives.


This paper contains non-committal notes. We do not lay claim to completeness. Alterations reserved. 
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