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Radical and Fast Peeling

      (Peeling Down to Smaller Sizes) of

Potatoes or other Tubers or Root Vegetables (Raw or Steam-Peeled)

with DORNOW Radical Roller Peeling Machines of the RAD - Series

            - Possible Economic Benefit -

A radical, fast and relatively continuous peeling of potatoes etc. (raw or steam-peeled) down to a smaller size
can possibly be of high economic benefit.

Here are some examples: 

1.     Many small-sized peeled potatoes are required. But there are not enough small potatoes available on the market. One can buy a bigger sorting size (possibly of inferior quality) and reduce the already steam-peeled potatoes or the raw goods by 5 to 10 mm or more down to the desired size by means of radical and fast peeling. 

2.     Example 2: Good potatoes are expensive. Bad-quality lots are cheap. Those lots which appear to be bad from the outside can be of good quality on the inside. - By radical and fast peeling off some 5 to 10 mm or more you get a good product which sells well. 

3.     Example 3: One buys, on principle, bad and inexpensive lots in order to get them neat and clean by radical and fast peeling

4.     Example 4: In "years of catastrophe" when there are only very bad potatoes, the producer can, nonetheless, achieve a final product of good quality by means of excessive and fast peeling of steam-peeled goods or of raw material. 

Our possibilities:

A.     We supply  for raw goods waste water-free special peeling machines that can peel off fast and radically - relatively smooth and continuously.
In case of sticky goods one can add water according to requirements. The addition of water does not necessarily mean that waste water is produced. Peeling waste and water can be removed together and possibly used for animal fodder. 

B.     The machines - available in almost all dimensions - can possibly also be integrated into existing steam-peeling lines or other peeling lines or be operated separately.

C.     If required, the potatoes can leave the line smooth, nearly as though they had been steam-peeled.

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