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Separation of Solid Particles from Liquids:

The Drum Separators Type 360 (1000) and Type 390 (1001)

Optionally with Automatically Working Cleaning Devices


General description

Drum separators are used to separate solid waste from liquids.
The devices have proved to give an excellent service for the separation of e. g. peel waste of potatoes and other fruit from peel water and fruit liquid.

The devices are mainly made of a drum provided on the inside with a stainless steel fabric with hole diameters of 0.5 or 0.7 mm or different measures. The sieve fabric can be exchanged. There is the possibility of connecting several drum separators, one behind the other, with each of them having a finer sieve structure than the drum before to get an optimal result.

The drum rotates at low speed in a vat at the bottom of which the filtered water can accumulate and flow out over a gradient.

At the end of the device the solid waste drops out of the drum relatively "dry". The DORNOW drum separators work more "dryly" than bow sieves. The devices are made of stainless steel. 

Capacities (depending on pollution level, approx.): 

DORNOW drum separator type 360 (Item-No. 1000) =  10 - 40 m³/h 
Automatically cleaning device AR 360 (Item-No. 100020)    
DORNOW drum separator type 390 (Item-No. 1001) = 15 - 60 m³/h 
Automatically cleaning device AR 390 (Item-No. 1000120)      

Accessories (options):


Automatically working cleaning device to be mounted on top of the separator, passing constantly over the sieve drum of the device. The sieve fabric is cleaned my means of a fan. The application of the cleaning device may be necessary in case of fatty and sticky solid waste.

Stand (frame), if the device is, for example, to be mounted in a higher position at the wall. The stand may be provided with lateral platform and stairs.
3. Pump, for pumping the mixture of solid matter and liquid regularly from a container/from a pit into the separator.


Pictures: on the web: section J 11. 

Please read also our paper Q 59 = "A simple way of cleaning waste water in the potato and vegetable processing industry".




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