88.   Orders received recently / delivered machines and plants

The year 2013 was a quite successful one for DORNOW!

Peeling machines and/or plants were delivered worldwide to well-known companies as Pfanni and Unilever (potatoes).

Peeling machines and plants for tropical fruit (cassava, breadfruit) were sent to Africa and Tahiti.

A potato peeling plant could be delivered to the district Kaliningrad, Russia (previously East Prussia).


Further sales and respectively deliveries:

- A French fries production line to North Africa,

- a bigger onion peeling line, installed in Germany,

- an industrial horseradish peeling machine,

- a potato peeling plant to Denmark,

- a bigger industrial peeling line for celery, beetroot, carrots to Switzerland

- an industrial peeling plant for the peeling of potatoes cooked in their jackets,

- a potato peeling plant to Paris, France