13.   Vegetable Crisps (Chips)

Hand-Made "Vegetable Crisps", Made from Parsnips, Sweet Potatoes,
Beetroots and Carrots  


As we all know, crisps are normally made from potatoes.

In England, we discovered crisps made from the above-mentioned root vegetables and tubers, all mixed together in a 50g aluminium bag.
According to the packaging, the crisps are fried in sunflower oil. 

The manufacturer of these vegetable crisps is the Caffè Alba company in London (
Although sprinkled with sea salt, they taste more sweet than salty.  The product can be said to taste good.

The packaging emphasises that the crisps are “pan-fried”, i.e. fried by hand in pan-fryers.

These vegetable crisps can also be produced using the pan-fryers in our “Industry” series.  We also have a large range of peeling machines to help with peeling.  – Further details with regard to fryers and peeling machines can be found on our Internet site.

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French fry (UK: chips), potato chip (UK: crisps), pellet-, onion and vegetable deep-fat frying systems; frying systems for Swiss Roesti (potato cakes), German potato cakes; deep fat frying systems for custom products