58.   New blade peeling plant for potatoes on an agricultural enterprise

Complete plant during installation. From right to left: multi-disc peeling machine MSS-AKM (carborundum and blade peeling discs), belt, roller inspection table L3000, potato dividing machine KT1/E (quartering, halving and no cutting), preserving and sack filling device model 5-15.   The beginning of the peeling plant for potatoes:
multi-disc peeling machine MSS-AKM (combined carborundum-blade peeling), control panel (electronic control of all functions of the peeling machine), platform, belt leading upwards.

View into the multi-disc peeling machine AKM. Visible: the blade peeling discs and the transportation equipment (speed electronical adjustable). 

  The following can be seen in this photo: the transition from the roller inspection table to the dividing machine, the dividing machine KT1/E in itself and the preserving and sack filling device model 5-15.

The roller inspection table L3000 with channel division. On this table, the potatoes are not just inspected but also graded according to size: The large potatoes that will be quartered go into the two channels on the right; the medium-sized potatoes to be halved go into the third channel and the fourth channel is for potatoes too small for being cut (see photo 6).   From the roller inspection table, the clean, pre-graded potatoes travel along the conveyor system of the potato-dividing machine KT1/E. Potatoes in the two channels on the left will be quartered. The potatoes in the third channel will be halved. The small potatoes on the fourth channel are not cut up.