Batch Peelers "20K" and "20M"



"Batch peelers" 20K (carborundum type) and 20M (blade type) in different versions  (please see "´Peeling Machines", section 1) are in ever-increasing demand, as they are able to peel without generating waste water. Recently delivered: 2 machines to Japan. See a demonstration on our premises !

  Potato Peeler 20K-HB / 20M-HB
Diagram of an automatically operating line with 20K-AT-MS / 20M-AT-MS.  


Automatically operating potato peeling plant with the peeling machine 20K-AT-MS / 20-M-AT-MS, with simple inspection bench and preservation and filling device, with a (mobile) cutting machine for cubes and slices, etc. on top. Filling of the peeled potatoes takes place into plastic bags or buckets.