Optical (Electronic) Sorting Systems


for the sorting of peeled and unpeeled potatoes, peeled onions and other natural products




Special Features in short:

- Delivered with vibrating feeding channel to isolate single tubers.
- Only one camera, supported by a system of mirrors.
- Thorough inspection of each object, even large potatoes, etc.
- Intelligent, pneumatic release system with minimized air consumption.
- Separation of inspected tubers in 2 or 3 streams is possible, for instance good, bad, very bad.
- Sighting of blemishes, from 1 mm˛ upwards.
- Savings of up to 3% of potatoes (higher rates are possible under certain circumstances)



Depending on size, 1000-4000 kg/h of peeled potatoes (inspection capacity). In the case of very large potatoes (GB, USA, et al.), higher capacity is possible). 

- Automatic cleaning system in examination area. 


Further information:   Subsection F. 13 - Sorting machines (here 13.1 - (optical (electronic) sorting systems)