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peeling machines


orange peeling machines

There are several possibilities:

1. In one instance, our roller peeling machines (subsection 1.1) equip with special rollers were used. The oranges had previously been deep-frozen. The grated outer peel was used for the production of essential oils. The actual fruits were used for the production of orange juice .
2. Other DORNOW machines are also suitable for removing solely the outer layer of the peel and parts of the white pulp. Please see the following photos!
  Unpeeled oranges. Outwardly: no good quality!   As a peeled product the fruit has an appetisingly appearance.

We wrote to a interested party, who wants to sell peeled oranges to the fresh market:


"You can peel as far as at one point the real fruit will show up.
The tender orange colour will probably get on the white pulp due to the peeling tools that still have colour on themselves. However, this does not look bad, in fact it even provides a positive effect.
The so-peeled orange looks like a special fruit that one wants to eat. The colour orange glows tendet, mysterious and promising! 

As the white layer easily accepts colour, advertising for your company could be printed on each or every fifth orange or you can print on an instruction for use. Supply plastic knives (with promotion of your company) together with the oranges. Thus children and other persons can rapidly remove the remaining peel.  

You could also adhere 2 or 3 oranges with a plastic tape. Beneath you can stick one knife. You can also think about recycling bowls covered by plastic foil. Put in the plastic knife and maybe a paper napkin, too! This also sells in the supermarket, too! 

Let's assume that the white layer will be removed completely, then there will occur one or more points where fruit juice will discharge….
What about hygiene? Juice discharges into the packaging …! During transport …! In Europe those leaking oranges wouldn't be accepted, not even by children.  

Sell your oranges as "pre-peeled oranges"!"


Trial peelings can be viewed in our demonstration room.