A.   -   1. Peeling machines
  1.52 Shallot and onion Peeling machines
    and A "Top and tail" - cutting machine for this purpose

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Shallots and onions can be peeled with specific DORNOW peeling machines. Firstly, tops and tails (leaves and roots) will be removed automatically. 

The upper 6 photos show shallots (sorting approx. 40 mm) and also the automatically treated product. The peeling was made automatically by blades. 

For the peeling of onions we have several possibilities. The lower pictures (
Round Spanish Onions) show onions peeled with blades.

Experts refer to the results as good. The automatically treated shallots were not peeled again by hand.



Round Spanish Onions, Red Onions, unpeeled and peeled  
We would like to point out that for the most part "Top" and "Tail" has been cutted with the peeling tools (blades).