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peeling machines


Asparagus blade-type peeling machines (8080, 8081)

    also suitable for black salsifies, zucchini (UK: courgettes), cucumbers, radishes, et.al.


These peeling machines operate solely on a blade peeling basis; they fully meet today's bacteriological requirements. Additionally, this ensures that peeled produce keeps for a long time.

All peeling models work with 16 blades, and so create a very uniform peeling image. Peeling blades have a very long life span. The quick change device  makes an exchange without tools within minutes possible.

Another substantial advantage of the peeling machines is the constant cleaning of the blades by a fine water jet. This ensures precise and continuous peeling at any time.

A special material is used to transport the peeling products through the machines, which also guarantees the problem-free peeling of ice-cooled produce.

By means of a continuously adjustable depth of cut,  the degree of peeling of the final product can be set according to all qualities of produce. This ensures that the proportion of peels is kept between approx. 15 and 30 %.

The machine is able to peel asparagus with a diameter of 8-36 mm; and black salsifies from 8 mm upwards in variable lengths. 

Through a simple exchange of transport rollers, even thicker vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini (UK: courgettes), and radishes, can be peeled up to a diameter of up to 50 mm.


Asparagus peeler


Representation of an asparagus peeling unit