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peeling machines



    also "manioc" and "tapioca" (in Brasil also called: "mandioca" or "aipim")


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Peeling of cassava (manioc, tapioca) with DORNOW roller peeling machines.

Peeling plant for cassava in Africa:

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In the background: a DORNOW roller peeler for peeling cassavas. In the foreground: a storage bin for raw produce with a conveyor belt (adjustable speed) that takes the fruit from the storage bin and feeds it into the peeling machine.   Inspection of the peeled cassavas.

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View inside the peeling machine. Bottom left: discharge from the peeling machine. The peeled fruit is conveyed outside by the auger.
  Overall view of the peeling system. In the foreground: the aforementioned storage bin with conveyor belt. In the background: a DORNOW roller peeler. Left: the inspection of the peeled fruit.

Further peeling machines for cassava / manioc / tapioca for Africa:

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Roller peeling machine R-OW-130-A for cassava/manioc before delivery and upon acceptance in the factory by our African customer.


Pictures of the mounting of a cassava peeling machine in Africa 
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Please see section A.-1.1 - R-OW series roller peeling machines and section A.-1.25 - cassava peeling machines.