K.  - 17.


Packaging Machines, equipment and tables; vacuum packaging devices


for peeled produce as potatoes, and for some varieties of unpeeled produce


Preservation Treatment and Filling Device POR-E 5/15 (0915)


electronic version, with electrical control cabinet and interim weighing container, 
filling into plastic bags / buckets. Available with optional anti-oxydation or other types of chemical treatment.


For preserving, weighing and filling of peeled potatoes, etc., into plastic bags or buckets, etc. (as 17.1 - "Preservation Treatment and Filling Device Mod. 5-15", but comes with a smaller-sized storage bin. Equipped with a conveyor belt as a means of transportation, not including chain conveyor).  Interim weighing container makes faster processing possible (also see subsection 17.4 - Preservation Treatment and Filling Device POR-M 2,5/25)