A.   -   2.   peeling PLANTS
    deliverable from raw material input up to packing

27.   DORNOW
peeling line with roller peeling machine R-OW-90-A, complete with feeding device to inspection table for celery root, beetroot and carrots, delivered to Switzerland.



Through a hydraulic working tipping device the fruit (celery root, beetroot, Swiss: Randen and carrots) get into a dosing bin. 
Here they will be dosed and conveyed into the perfectly working roller peeling machine R-OW-90-A.
- The peeled fruit will then be transported into a storing and dosing bin, equipped with a DORNOW chain conveyer belt.
- Now the product can be conveyed on our roller inspection table, from where it will fall into a container or will be ready for further use.



The plant shows excellent processing quality.

The quality meets highest requirements at low personnel assignment.