H.  -  21.

Raw material treatment before DORNOW plants:
Acceptance (poss. sorting), interim storage, feed of production line(s)


with unpeeled potatoes, carrots, onions, other tubers, root vegetables, partially fruit

  21.5 Crate Storage Systems

Potatoes, carrots, etc., are not only stored in bins, but also in wooden crates (volume between 1-5 t). Crates are stacked 
and put together to form a storage unit with a good air ventilation.

This storage system created this way is available with the most highly-advanced, computer-controlled air-conditioning.

With crate tipping devices (please see section H.-21.1) the tubers / root vegetables / or similar are moved into the 
production line.

For filling the crates special conveyor belts are used, which ensure a gentle filling. 

View in a crate storage for potatoes with air-conditioning. Planning is necessary!