H.  -  6.

Conveying Technology for Wet Areas


for peeled tubers, root vegetables, vegetables and fruit, etc.

  H.  -  6.7 Plastic chains (product DORNOW) for transportation in wet areas
H. - 6.7.1  Examples for chains



The DORNOW chain links are put together in our workshop using metal axles made of stainless steel and other parts.   Example: a finished chain for a DORNOW roller inspection table.

Finished chain with pre-mounted pushers ready for installation.   The assembly of the chains requires precision manual work.


Some graphic examples of chains. We mainly use the chains in our own machines, and only in wet areas. The chain links, axles etc. only need a small amount of water for lubrication.
There is also chain link D, between whose "arms" one can move and operate plastic or steel belts.

A few chain elements of the DORNOW plastic chains:

Chain type K1. Standard, width-expandable chain for chain conveyors.

Chain with rollers for the deviding machines KT1, KT2 and roller inspection tables.