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Storage and dosing technology for wet areas


for peeled tubers, roots, etc., and for fruit




Storage and dosing bins with belt conveyors,
stainless steel


  1   Storage and dosing bin in front of a DORNOW onion peeling plant.
The photo shows the "dry" working method.
  2     3
Potato crates with a hinged bottom are set onto the storage bin. Potatoes reach an attached system via the connected conveyor belt in a steady and adjustable flow.   Smaller dosing bin with 
adjustable discharge unit.
  4     5
Dosing bin (stainless steel) for hinged-bottom crates (visible in the background is a waste water separator).


Storage containers with compliant food belt conveyors as a means of transportation are available in different versions and sizes (0492).

The built-in DORNOW conveyor belt is an independent unit, which can later be used in a different place in a production unit (with small modifications).