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An Invitation to Visit Various Peeling Plants

Dear Sirs,

With this invitation we would like to give you the opportunity to see some of our peeling systems, equipped with our most recent technology, in operation.

1. Peeling system for potatoes, carrots, root celery (celeriac) and other tubers and root vegetables,
  equipped with our progressive water-free peeling technology consisting of:
Roller peeling machine, combined with continuous blade peeling, roller inspection bench with integrated return flow for re-peeling as well as a sorting and dividing station (halving and quartering) and a preserving and packing station,
 2. the fully automatic blade peeling plant "SBS",
3. Onion peeling plants (result: better than manually peeled),
4. Peeling plant for potatoes etc.:

- new: Roller peeling machine provided with micro fine-grain peeling rollers (very smooth peeling result), and
- new: Roller inspection bench with directly connected halving and quartering machines for potatoes (very personnel-saving),


Heavy-duty roller peeling machines
- for especially high output capacities,
6. Peeling plants for cooked and raw beetroot,
7. Peeling plants for celery roots (celeriac) and/or carrots,
8. Combined carborundum/blade peeling "SBS-KM-II",
9. Continuous blade peeling machine "MMS".

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