7.    Our Shop and Our Mechanics are There for you!


I.  Assembly  of machines purchased from us and the instruction of your engineering staff

Our technicians are skilful in putting your machines purchased from us into operation. Moreover, they are ready to instruct your technical personnel at request. This can be done on your premises or in our warehouse before the delivery of the machine/plant.  
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The installation of a DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-150-A (inner diameter approx. 1500 mm).   Installation of a plant with drum sorting device and halving machine for peeled potatoes.

II. Service and Repair

Generally, our machines can be serviced by our customers (see I). Nevertheless, after several years it may be advisable to have a machine checked by a specialist. Our mechanics will service it thoroughly ! We are also pleased to  handle those repairs you prefer not to do yourself for you. Either on your premises or in our workshop !

Re-coating of carborundum-peeling elements

There is a specific department in our workshop, which deals with the re-coating of carborundum discs, carborundum side walls, or carborundum  
rollers with granulated carborundum. The old coating is usually removed first. If you prefer to do the job yourself, we can also supply you with granulate and chemicals. Also, it is possible to learn how to carry out the re-coating process from our mechanics, enabling you to do the job in the future.

Special Requests, Relocation, etc.

Please do not hesitate to ask for further services our technicians could take over for you.  


The DORNOW roller peeler R-OW-150-A is lowered into the production hall through the roof.

Installation of a Fench fry production plant.

  Most of our technicians are specialists in welding 
stainless steel.