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Carborundum Replacements


on peeling elements, carried out by our workshop or 
"do it yourself"!  


 N E W !!
 "Diamond" - grain
 ultra hard





Newly coated peeling rollers. Graded coating (coarse to fine) possible! 


New carborundum coating on peeling elements. 
Options: from coarse to very fine grains! 







wly coated carborundum applications for pot peeling machines with newly painted exterior walls. We are happy to advise you on grain size. 


Some peeling rollers are fitted with carborundum 
belts. We can supply these belts or coat these 
rollers with carborundum as in Picture 1 (see above).





Peeling discs with lots of grain sizes available for our multi-disc peeling machines.  (www.dornow.de/Product information/A.-1.2). 


DORNOW plastic steel special adhesive - tried and 
tested, reliable and simple to use.




Peeling elements can be coated with multiple graded 
grains, even with very fine grains (micro-fine peeling).


All coating work, including the removal of old coating residues can be carried out professionally and flexibly in our workshop. If you are in a hurry, we'll even work at the weekends for you...! 


Carborundum grains - extremely sharp quality, available in many grain sizes or as a carborundum belt. With particularly hard demands, e.g. in the potato crisps industry, we recommend our ultra-hard "diamond" grains.
Along with the materials, you will receive detailed instructions and tips for the fast and successful coating of your peeling elements. Training in our workshop is also possible.


DORNOW  -  your specialist for peeling technology! 

Machine demonstrations and test peelings in our peeling laboratory.  

(www.dornow.de/Peeling labarotory). 

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