Liquidation of the large peeling firm Sch. in S. because of reasons of age.  
DORNOW buys back 3 DORNOW roller peeling machines R-OW-110, the oldest of which has been in service for approx. 35 years.
One of the three machines should actually be put into a "museum of peeling technology", because this machine has gone down in history.

The three old DORNOW roller peeling machines at the Schw. company in Schifferstadt. The machines are approx. 15, 20 and 30 years old. The machine on the right-hand side (approx. 30 years old) is a historical machine insofar as it is the oldest large roller peeling machine in Europe.
Further: with this machine the first potatoes had been peeled without water / waste water. At that time this had been a sensation, which was nearly unbelievable.

DORNOW roller peeling machines are strong and uncomplicated machines.
Advantage: after an overhaul, the machines can carry on working for many years more!

These 3 DORNOW roller peeling machines were used to peel mainly rejected potatoes (bad and damaged). The former owner of these machines said that only with these machines could he quickly peel bad potatoes in order to obtain potatoes fit for human consumption. 
For further details on these machines, see section A.-1.1 and A.-1.7. Please also see section "Used machines - A., 2.".