Complete Potato Sterilizing System


Recently, we supplied a complete peeling system for potatoes for the production of sterilized potatoes in plastic bags of 5 kg each to Southern Europe. Capacity: approx. 800 kg/h of finished product. 

Components, among other things: box tipping device, stone remover, roller peeling machine, hopper (storage bin), conveyor belts, drum-type sorting machine for peeled potatoes, potato-halving machine, dicing and slicing machine, preserving and filling device (electronic), autoclave. This plant is also able to process and preserve other kinds of tubers / root vegetables/ fruit.



  Front of plant:
crate tipping device with dosing bin, stone remover, roller peeling machine R-OW-90-A.


A glance at the sorting and cutting department: on the left, sorting drum, in front of it, different cutting machines. In the background, on the right, a preserving and filling device for plastic bags of  5 and 10 kg each. 

  The autoclave for heat-preserving of vacuum-sealed peeled potatoes, carrots, et al., in plastic bags.