D.   -   15.


Cutting machines / cutting systems / topping machines,
"Top and Tail" cutting machines


for tubers, root vegetables, vegetables, onions and shallots and 
partially for fruit and tropical fruit


French fries (UK: chips) cutting machines (0642 ff.)


These cutting machines are capable of cutting sticks in sizes from 6 x 6 to 13 x 13 mm, as well as slices of various widths. It should be stressed that potatoes are guaranteed to be cut lengthwise. Blade blocks can be exchanged within minutes. French fry (UK: chips) cutting machines types Super XA and KF are predominantly used in the industrial sector. - The machines can be loaded by conveyor belt or hand.



Hourly capacity approx.

Item no.
Super XA    800-1.000 kg 0643
KF 2.500-3.000 kg 0644


Regarding the above-listed capacities, it is assumed that potatoes of a sorting size 55 x 55 (= smallest diameter) and of a larger size are used.



Machine KF with circular blade block. Right-hand version.


Feed funnel on the KF.


The blade block can be exchanged 
within one minute.




Circular blade blocks on the Super XA and KF models.


Circular and transverse blades on the Super XA and KF models.

  The slices cutting block for the cutting machines  Super XA and KF. A cutting size from 6 up to 13 mm is available (the protection blade screwed on can differ).


Six cutting machines, type KF, with automatic conveyor belt in a large French fries (UK: chips) production plant.


In these cutting machines, potatoes are cut lengthwise. This way, sticks are extra-long.

  Type Super XA on underframe.


French fry (UK:chips) cutting machine Super XA (see above for capacity), here mounted on French fry sorter 4 M (0850) (see section F, subsection 13: Sorting machines


French fry (UK: chips) cutting machine Super XA (0643) with sorter 4 M (0850) connected to a peeling system and an inspection bench.


Carrots are cut into sticks of  6 x 6 mm. 
Feeding via conveyor belt is possible.


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The custom design French fry (UK: chips) cutting machines XA, Super XA and KF - also suitable for cutting potato slices