D.   -   15.


Cutting machines / cutting systems / topping machines,
Industrial sorting and cutting plants,
Onion "Top and Tail" cutting machines,
Shallot "Top and Tail" cutting machine, 
Radish "Top and Tail" cutting machine


for tubers, root vegetables, vegetables, onions and shallots and 
partially for fruit and tropical fruit


Industrial cutting systems with previous sorting


We supply complete cutting plants for tubers and root vegetables, even with previous grading. Please read our treatises mentioned above.
In general, we can only submit an offer after in-depth consultation. 

  1   Industrial sorting and cutting plant for potatoes with various possibilities. Possible is the production of potato discs and cubes and potatoes cut in halves or quartered. The smallest sorting can pass through without cutting.

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The industrial, extremely flexible DORNOW "CC" cutting and sorting system for cutting tubers, root vegetables, etc. into slices, cubes, sticks or strips, and if required, also for sorting cut produce.

- Q140 

The new DORNOW large-scale peeling system in L. for peeling, cutting and packaging potatoes, carrots and other varieties of tubers and root vegetables for supermarkets, large canteen kitchens and catering businesses, capacity up to 2.5 t/h of finished product, required area for machine assembly: approx. 25 x 16 m.