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Poor quality and blemished potatoes previously discarded 

by sorting
systems in potato storage facilities, 

peeled by DORNOW RAD-series Radical Roller Peeling Machines

(Attention: this is not possible with all peeling machines!)

The preparation of potatoes for the fresh market (kitchen at home (housewife), central market, catering) or for more elevated industrial purposes is nowadays carried out in large sorting lines, which are, for the most part, installed in big potato storehouses. Here, potatoes are not only sorted out according to their sizes, but also blemished potatoes with foul spots like scurf, digging damages or rottenness are sorted out.

Approximately 6 to 7 per cent of the potatoes have such damages and are not normally suitable for human nutrition. 

For the sorting lines (at least in “Western” countries) it appears to be a problem to sell these potatoes at all. 

One of the possibilities often applied to use these potatoes in a sensible way is to peel them. The large sorting plants will normally deliver the bad potatoes “for nothing”, if a peeling factory is ready (by contract) to accept these potatoes permanently. 

The peeling of these potatoes can be carried out rapidly and thoroughly on the DORNOW peeling machines of the RAD production series. (Note: this is not possible at all on all peeling machines!) 

It must be said that the final product (the peeled waste potato) will not meet top quality requirements! It often occurs that the potatoes sorted out and delivered to the peeling factory do not even stem from the same sort… 

However, the final product can be used, for instance, for potato salad or in other products where potatoes are accounted only part of a final product made in a factory. 

Pictures / photos of peeled and unpeeled waste potatoes on the Web in section A, subsection A 1.7 “DORNOW “Radical” Roller Peeling Machines R-RAD-60-A up to R-RAD-250-A, among other types.”

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