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Onion-peeling systems,
Topping and tailing machines for onions

 Two novel onion-peeling machines (also universal peeling machines) and topping and tailing precision cutting machines 
for onions for the removal of leaves and roots for various sizes of onions


We have developed two new onion-peeling machines, a continuous one and a discontinuous one. We can supply various topping and tailing machines for both peeling systems that remove leaves and roots from the onions before they are peeled. 

All machines are characterised by their simple design and energy requirement. 

No water consumption, no waste water!

Compressed air only in the discontinuous peeling system! 

All onion-peeling systems can be quickly converted with other peeling tools so that you can then peel potatoes and other tubers and root vegetables with blade or carborundum tools.  Thus the machines are also universal peeling systems!

1.        Discontinuous onion-peeling systems 20Z (Art.-No. 9550)
        (also universal peelers, see below / Internet: A.-1.6)

This resembles machines 20K and 20M. The already topped and tailed onions are fed into the machines via a conveyor belt or manually. With regard to charging and emptying – see online A.-1.6. 

Capacity depends greatly on the size of the onions. With larger onions this is approximately 200-450 kg/h. We recommend carrying out tests with your onions in our peeling test center. 

By exchanging the peeling elements etc., even potatoes and other tubers and root can be peeled. This makes this machine a universal peeler.

2.        Continuous onion-peeling systems MSS-AZ, MSS-BZ, MSS-CZ (Art.-No. 8030ff)
           (also universal peeling system, see below / Internet: A.-1.2)

On the outside, they resemble the MSS peelers (Internet: Section A-1.2) and are available in the three sizes shown there. The already topped and tailed onions are fed into the machines via a conveyor belt at regular, adjustable intervals. Peeling intensity and duration are infinitely variable.

Capacity per hour depends greatly on the size of the onions; with larger onions this is approximately 450-1800 kg. We recommend carrying out tests with your onions in our peeling laboratory as there are various qualities of onions. 

Exchanging the peeling discs means that even potatoes and all other tubers and root vegetables listed in our online section A.-1.2 can be peeled. 


3.     Topping and tailing precision cutting machines for onions
        (Internet:, D.-15.11 und D.-15.12

Onions are deliberately fed in manually, resulting in more precise peeling. A transport system leads the onions continuously through the blades. The position of the blades mean adjust to the size of the onions largely independently of each other. 

The design of the probe/scanner that determines the position of the blades ensures that, as far as possible, only what is necessary is cut off the onions.  Precision ensures less unnecessary waste! 

After inserting the onions into the transport facility, it holds them so tightly that they cannot shift around any more. This means that the leaves and roots are normally cut off with precision by blades. This precision cutting saves on a lot of subsequent manual work at the inspection bench. – The onions and their tops and tails are ejected separately from the machines.

Four different machines are available: 


Onion size approx./
Model Desc.


Pieces/min capacity adjustable


TT 25–45

1 – 2

42 – 72


TT 45–75

1 – 2

42 – 72


TT 65–90

1 – 2

42 – 72


  TT 75–125

1 – 2

42 – 72

Demonstrations using the above-mentioned machines can be arranged in our peeling laboratory!

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