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Multi-disc-peeling machines MSS (8000 ff., 8040 ff.) 

    convertible to carborundum and blade-type and onion peeling machines, 
also available with special design discs. Continuous development of 
the machines.


Construction and mode of operation: numerous small peeling discs (blade, carborundum or onion peeling discs), arranged on a horizontal plane with a moving conveyor unit. Very smooth peeling results are possible! With required additional equipment, the machines are able to operate without generating waste water in almost all areas of use. - For the peeling of potatoes and many varieties of tubers and root vegetables (even partially cooked), and some varieties of fruit, including tropical fruit. Gentle peeling procedure! 

The universal peeling machines are quickly convertible to carborundum, blade-type and onion peeling machines. Our topping and tailing machines TT will remove tops and tails of the onions: please see section D.-15.

Blade-type version machines are also used as re-peelers for still-blemished steam-peeled potatoes.

Some critical products can be peeled with specially designed discs, developed by us.

Continuous universal-multi-disc peeling machines (MSS) are distinguished by an extremely gentle peeling procedure, greater flexibility in the exchange of various peeling tools, and by a peeling process without the generation of waste water. The speed of peeling discs and conveying equipment is continuously adjustable.


Multi-disc peeling machine MSS-A in our Peeling Test Center, usable with blade, carborundum or onion peeling discs. A test can be carried out on request. For more information go to the Peeling Test Center.   Peeling machine MSS-AK in an agricultural potato 
peeling factory. 
In the background, a larger washing, storage and 
dosing bin (0455). 
In the foreground, a mobile aluminium platform (5059).

MSS peeling line with carborundum discs.   MSS peeling line with onion-peeling discs.   MSS peeling line with blade discs.

  6     7
MSS-machines with peeling units, pulled out of the peeler, in order to quickly change and clean the peeling tools. 
The combination of peeling discs and the insertion of especially designed peeling discs is possible.
Type B machines with 2 peeling units and type C machines with 3 peeling units are pictured above.
  8     9

Machine MSS-BM with two blade-type peeling units, pulled out of the machine. Easy cleaning and quick exchange of peeling tools is possible.


Cutting sizes of blades are adjustable. Carborundum discs are available in various grain sizes (fine to coarse grain).

  10     11

Peeling machine MSS-AKM, combined carborundum blade-peeling with (pulled out) peeling unit.


Three MSS-peeling machines:
- MSS-A (with one peeling unit)
- MSS-B (with two peeling units) and  
- MSS-C (with three peeling units)

MSS-AK with control cabinet and platform.

  Outlet of a MSS-AK machine with simple inspection table in the foreground.   Multi-disc peeling machine MSS-AM with roller inspection table at our Peeling Test Center.

A multi-disc peeling machine MSS-AM in a complete plant. 
For further details please see A.-2 - peeling plants, item 19.
  View into the machine MSS-AM, blade discs and transportation device.

The peeling machine MSS-AM with control panel, platform and transportation belt.        

Machines are available in the following versions (see below)
. After delivery the user himself can equip 
the machines with the other mentioned peeling discs. The machines can therefore be used as 
blade-type, carborundum or onion peeling machines. In this respect all below-mentioned machines 
are universal peeling machines.


...as blade-type peeling machines (way of installation of all mentioned peeling discs):

2.1.1 AM series, with one (mobile) peeling unit
2.1.2 BM series, with two (mobile) peeling units
2.1.3 CM series, with three (mobile) peeling units

...as carborundum peeling machines (way of installation of all other mentioned peeling discs):

2.2.1 AK series, with one (mobile) peeling unit
2.2.2 BK series, with two (mobile) peeling units
2.2.3 CK series, with three (mobile) peeling units

...as combination carborundum-blade-type peeling machines (way of installation of all other 
mentioned peeling discs):

2.3.1 AKM series, with one (mobile) peeling unit
2.3.2 BKM series, with two (mobile) peeling units
2.3.3 CKM series, with three (mobile) peeling units

...as onion peeling machines (way of installation of all other mentioned peeling discs):

2.4.1 AZ series, with one peeling unit
2.4.2 BZ series, with two peeling units
2.4.3 CZ series, with three peeling units

...as universal peeling machines (the delivery includes all aforementioned peeling discs).

2.5.1 AU series
2.5.2 BU series
2.5.3 CU series


Explanation of the series codes for the machines:

  A = 1 peeling unit
  B = 2 peeling units
  C = 3 peeling units
  M = blade-type version (installation possible of all other peeling discs)
  K = carborundum version (installation possible of all other peeling discs)
  KM = combination carborundum-blade-type version (installation possible of all other peeling discs)
  Z = Onion peeling version (installation possible of all other peeling discs)
  U = Universal version (with all aforementioned peeling discs, without special design peeling discs)

Performances may vary greatly according to product, season, quality of raw produce, desired degree of cleaning 
and area of usage. 
Feeding e.g. prepeeled potatoes will increase the machines' performance considerably.

A number of special design peeling discs are available, including peeling discs especially for the peeling of root 
celery, as well as other custom-made discs, for instance for the re-peeling of still blemished, steam-peeled potatoes. 
We continually develop further discs for different areas of application!

The brochure of these machines can be found under P117.

Pictures (among other things), of various produce peeled by universal-MSS-machines

Potatoes Carrots Celeriac Radish Kohlrabi Mangos
Nectarines Kiwi Avocado Pomegranates Papayas Pineapples
Melons Oranges Apples Onions Shallots  


1. Blade-peeled potatoes 


Surface of peeled potatoes after blade-peeling with universal-multi-disc peeling machine MSS-AM
variety: Cilena. Notice the distinct blade-like cut, similar to a housewife's hand peeled potatoes



2. Carborundum-peeled potatoes


Surface of peeled potaotes after carborundum-peeling with universal-multi-disc peeler MSS-AK, variety: Cilena

The surface may be very smooth due to "micro-fine grain peeling", smoother than is visible in these pictures. A very smooth surface 
can be achieved, very close to the smooth surface of steam-peeled potatoes.

MSS-machines are able to peel very gently, which ensures a longer shelf-life for the finished product.

3. Carrots, cut into cubes, then peeled "round":

The peeled carrot pieces look like "pommes parisiennes". They can also be used as a snack.

Exceptionally good (sweet) taste e.g. the species "Sugarsnax 54 F1", "Primecut F1" and "Topcut 93 F1" from the 
company Nunhems.

3.1  Carrots, whole


                                           Carrots, peeled with "fine" peeling tools.


4. Carrots, cut into long pieces, then peeled:

This product, peeled as described, can be offered to the customer either cooked or as a snack. 

Exceptionally good (sweet) taste e.g. the species "Sugarsnax 54 F1", "Primecut F1" and "Topcut 93 F1" from the 
company Nunhems.

5. Celeriac tubers:

Celeriac (tubers) with leaves.   Celeriac, prepared for peeling.   Peeled celeriac. 

Celeriac can be peeled superbly with DORNOW machines! 

6. Radish:

Radish roots whole.

  Prepared for peeling: cut in pieces.

  Peeled pieces of radish. They are mostly fed into the peeling machines in this form.


7. Kohlrabi:

Kohlrabi with leaves.   Kohlrabi, prepared for peeling.   Peeled Kohlrabi.

8. Mangos, unpeeled and peeled:



Mangos, firm.


  With one of our continous custom-designed peeling machines it is
  possible to peel mangos.


9. Nectarines, unpeeled and peeled:


Firm nectarines can be peeled with universal-multi-disc peelers MSS.

10. Kiwis        

Please also see subsection 1.35 - Kiwi-peeling machines

11. Avocados        

Please also see subsection 1.36 - Avocado peeling machines
12. Pomegranates        

Please also see subsection 1.37 - Pomegranate peeling machines


                                 Blossom growths have been previously removed by hand.

13. Papayas        

Please also see subsection 1.39 - 
Papaya peeling machines

14. Pineapples        

Please also see subsection 1.40 - Pineapple peeling machines


Fruit peeled with a universal-MSS-blade peeler. 
Under certain conditions, further peeling is possible 
(see above).

15. Melons        

Please also see subsection 1.41 - 
Melon peeling machines

16. Oranges        

Please see subsection 1.42 - Orange peeling machines

17. Apples        

Please also see subsection 1.12.2 - 
Apple peeling machines

18. Potatoes, boiled in their skin        
  Potatoes, first cooked, then peeled.
The surveying of these potatoes has still to be done.

Please also see subsection 1.10 - Peeling Machine for Potatoes Boiled in their Skin
21. Onions, shallots   
Symbolic representation.

  Peeled onions with MSS-AZ. Before peeling, the tops 
and tails will have been cut off mechanically (please see 
section D.-15.11 and D.-15.12).
Onionskin of already freed onions and shallots from top and tail will be treated in universal-MSS peeling machines with special design discs (onion discs) et al. (art.-no 800055), whereby the peel mostly get loose inside the machine. 

Should there be any peel still left here and there on the peeled onions, you can peel them once again with the peeling machine. 
Or: The peel that still sticks to the vegetable / fruit can be blown off by a hand-held jet of air on a special inspection bench - or be 
cut off if necessary.

More information concerning onion peeling please see: A. -1.5 !

22. Pears, please refer to Peeled products Pears


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