Demonstration of Multi-Disc Peelers "MSS"


A demonstration of Multi-Disc Peelers "MSS" can be viewed on our premises! Demonstrations of either blade-type or carborundum-type machines, or a combination (without generating waste water) is available by appointment. Machines are also available for a test run with your product to be peeled.

Please see "Peeling Machines ...", Section A., subsection 1, under 1.2.

  Blade-peeled potatoes

Surface of peeled potatoes after blade peeling with a Multi-Disc Peeler MSS-AM; potato variety: Cilena.
Note the very distinctive blade cut, which resembles that of a housewife's hand-peeled potatoes.


Further information on MSS-Machines: Please see "Product Information" - Section A., subsection 1.2 - Multi-Disc-Peelers "MSS".


Carborundum-peeled potatoes


Surface of peeled potatoes after carborundum-peeling with multi-disc peeler MSS-AK; potato variety: Cilena.

Through the micro-fine cut, an extremely smooth surface is achieved, much smoother than visible in the photos.
This makes possible a smoothness which comes close to the surface of steam-peeled potatoes.

MSS-machines peel very gently, which gives finished products a long shelf-life.



For further information on MSS-peelers: Please see "Product Information" - Section A., subsection 1.2 - Multi-Disc-Peelers "MSS".

  Please click on the following treatise:

Q155   Peeling Experiments with a Multi-Disc-Peeler "MSS".



Machine MSS-BM with 2 blade peeling units, pulled out of the machine. 

Easy cleaning and a quick replacement of peeling tools is possible !


Peeling machine MSS-AKM, combined carborundum / blade peeling with one peeling unit (pulled out).


Of course it is also possible to peel various kinds of fruit with our "MSS" multi-disc peelers. Please see "Pictures of Experiments" and "Product Information", Section A, subsection 1