A.   -   1. Peeling machines
  1.54 Kohlrabi Peeling machines 

Kohlrabi tubers can be peeled with DORNOW - roller peeling machines or other DORNOW - roller peelers, as with, for example, white turnips (section A-1.26 - turnip peeling machines), parsnips (section A.-1.27 - parsnip peeling machines), celeriac (section A.-1.62 - celeriac peeling machines) etc.

The kohlrabi tubers are fed into the machines without leaves, but partly still with stalks. Woody parts must be cut off before peeling.  

Kohlrabi with leaves.   Kohlrabi, prepared for peeling.   Peeled kohlrabi.

DORNOW offers several peeling machines for peeling kohlrabi. 

Please see also the following subsections:

A. - 1.1 Roller peeling machines, R-OW series
A. - 1.2 Multi-disc-peeling machines "MSS"
A. - 1.32 Roller peeling machines, series "100"

Also smaller, not continuous working machines are available!