J.  -  11.     Water technology, separators for waste water, 
  water purification basins, waste water treatment and 
  water filtration plants,
      especially for the food processing industry
      Our waste water technology has been especially developed so that the water and the particles floating and settling in it separate. The filtered and cleaned water can frequently be recirculated. 

Thanks to the mechanical cleaning of the waste, water various industries can, therefore, reduce their water and sewage charges.

  Drum separators, with possible types of cleaning devices
 (art.-no. 1000 ff.):

  1   Separator for cleaning waste water. Available in two sizes, with and without cleaning unit.


The cleaning units of our separators have their own air supply.


Separator: inlet at the top, filtered water discharge located at the bottom.


Potato waste peel from a separator. Carborundum peeling. Waste is "dry" and can still be pumped.


Different types of waste from production are pumped into a container.

Drum separator type 360, diameter of drum 600 mm (Item no. 1000). Plus automatic cleaning unit, type AR 360 
(Item no. 100020).

Drum separator type 390, diameter of drum 900 mm (Item no. 1001). Plus automatic cleaning unit, type AR 390 
(Item no. 100120).


Type 360

10-40 m/h

Type 390

15-60 m/h

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