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Inspection Belts, Tables and Sorting Devices for Wet Areas


for tubers, root vegetables, etc., and partially suitable for vegetables and fruit


Roller Inspection Tables (Item no. 0200 ff., 0224 ff., 0248)



Because produce is constantly turned under the eyes of the staff, blemished spots are easily detected on DORNOW roller inspection belts. Blemished tubers/root vegetables are generally returned to the machine for a second peeling.   Roller inspection belt with a conveyor belt for produce that 
have to be re-peeled underneath it on the platform.

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Roller inspection belt (special design) with plastic rollers of a very small diameter for small potatoes, baby carrots, small onions. All parts are plastic or other rustfree materials (except engine).   Rollers with plastic bearings, available in various lengths.

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A narrow roller inspection belt in connection with a MSS-A universal peeling machine.   Roller inspection belt with peeled yam (sweet potato).
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Roller inspection belt with peeled butternut.   Roller inspection belt with chanels.
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DORNOW plastic chains are assembled from various links in our workshop.

  Here you can see DORNOW plastic chains for our roller inspection benches. The highest quality guarantees the longest service life.


Suggestions for further reading:


Roller inspection belts for peeled tubers  and root vegetables 
1. with plastic rollers, diameter approx. 50 mm
or  2. with plastic rollers approx. 25 mm


Manual post-treatment peeling or re-peeling of mechanically-peeled potatoes for the catering sector ? 
Re-peeling with batch or roller peeling machines ?


The labor-saving combination of inspection table / potato dividing machine for smaller and midium-sized potato peeling facilities


Fast and slow-working personnel at the inspection table and in other critical areas of a commercial potato peeling facility.