A.   -   1. peeling machines
  1.9 SBS-„BK“-Repeeling system
    (AAS 21.2, with 20K-machines)

Fully automatic, discontinuous, especially suitable for very small potatoes and baby carrots. Repeeling of steam- or mechanically peeled potatoes / baby carrots.

The addition of water may be required when peeling partially steamed produce.

Available in lines of one to three peeling units, consisting of carborundunm peeling machines 20K-AT (0022, 0023).

Appearance of system(s) / machine(s): please see subsection 1.3 - Carborundum-blade-type peeling systems and subsection 1.4 - Blade-type peeling systems.

Please also note: subsection 1.2 - Multi-disc peeling machines "MSS" and treatise Q 158 (see below).


Further reading:


DORNOW "Step by step" repeeling systems for very small steam-peeled potatoes and baby carrots SBS-BK in quantities up to a max. of 2000 kg/h (feeding amount) (Machine code: SBS-BK-system)


Multi disc peeling machines "MSS" as repeelers for steam peeled potatoes