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Peeling machines


"Step by step"-"SBS-KM" - combination carborundum-blade-type peeling systems (AAS 26)

Step by step automatic "batch peeling machines" which operate with water mist or entirely without water. Peeling without waste water is possible !  Suitable for smaller facilities. However:  later convertible to a blade peeling line, suitable for the repeeling of larger quantities of carborundum prepeeled potatoes ! - Diameter of peeling discs: approx. 500 mm.

(Alternative: subsection 1.2 - Multi-disc peeling machines
, continuous)


SBS-KM-II, consisting of one carborundum and one blade-type peeling unit.


SBS-KM-III, consisting of one carborundum and two blade-type peeling units (or two carborundum and one blade-type peeling unit)

Suggestions for further reading (available in both English and German) at the end of this section.



Base model of machines 20K and 20M as individual machine/manual operation. Can later be integrated into the modular SBS-"step-by step" system described here.


This fully automatic SBS-M-I-blade-type peeling system can be converted to a carborundum peeling system within a few minutes.


Fully automatic SBS-M-I-blade-peeling system with upwards-sloping chain conveyor, with water basin and static inspection table.


Special features:

  • no waste water
  • low waste rate
  • high capacities
  • no "flat peeling"
  • controlled peeling
  • uniform peeling
  • sturdy construction
  • little wear and tear
  • low maintenance
  • simple technology
  • space-saving
  • extendable

SBS-II-peeling system

Versions available:

a. blade-blade,
b. carborundum-carborundum
c. combination carborundum-blade.
Easy conversion is possible.


SBS-blade-type peeling system with 2 blade peeling units:


Combination carborundum-blade type peeling system SBS-KM-II with roller inspection table and electrical control and pneumatic switch cabinets. 

For machines 20 M and 20 K: Please also see subsection 1.6 - DORNOW-batch peeling machines.
(Alternative: subsection 1.2 - Multi-disc peeling machines, continuous)

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For machines 20 M and 20 K: Please also see subsection 1.6 - DORNOW batch peeling machines.