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Peeling machines


"Step by step" -"SBS-M" - Blade-type peeling systems (AAS 23)

Automatic "batch peeling machine(s)", operating without water or with water mist. Peeling without waste water possible ! 


Also suitable for the blade repeeling of carborundum pre-peeled potatoes,


and suitable as independent blade-peeling lines. Diameter of peeling discs: approx. 500 mm

Subsection 1.2 - Multi-disc peeling machines
, continuous operation)


SBS-M-I blade peeling line, consisting of one blade-peeling unit 


SBS-M-II blade peeling line, consisting of two blade peeling units 


High capacities can be achieved when lines are used for re-peeling or carborundum prepeeled potatoes.  Small to medium capacities when potatoes have not been prepeeled.

Suggestions for further reading 
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Basic model of machines 20K and 20M as individual machine/manual operation. Can later be integrated into the modular SBS"step-by-step" system described here.


Further options for system designs integrating these machines: Please see subsection 1.6 - DORNOW batch peeling machines.

This fully automatic SBS-M-I blade-type peeling system can be converted to a carborundum peeling system within minutes.  


Fully automatic SBS-M-I blade-type peeling system with upward-sloping chain conveyor, with water basin and static inspection bench.


Special Features:

  • no waste water
  • low waste rate
  • high capacities
  • no "flat" peeling
  • controlled peeling
  • uniform peeling
  • sturdy construction
  • little wear and tear
  • low maintenance
  • simple technology
  • space-saving
  • extendable
  SBS-II-peeling system

Versions available:
a. blade-blade,
b. carborundum-carborundum
c. carborundum-blade
Easy conversion possible.
SBS-blade peeling system with 2 blade peeling units:


Combination carborundum blade peeling system SBS-KM-II with rolling inspection bench and electrical control and pneumatic switch cabinets.

For machines 20 M and 20 K: Please see subsection 1.6 - DORNOW batch peeling machines.

subsection 1.2 - Multi disc peeling machines
, continuos)

Alterations reserved

Further Reading:

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DORNOW blade peeling technology  
Various options for system design


A brief description of the continuous multi disc peeling machines MSS, suitable for the pototato and vegetable processing industries, and partially suitable for the fruit processing- and juice industries

Continuous multi-disc peeling machines (MSS) as blade type peelers, AM, BM and CM series, blade peeling without waste water
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For machines 20 M and 20 K: Please see subsection 1.6 - DORNOW batch peeling machines