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peeling machines


Drum-type roller peeling machines (0161, 0162, 0163)


Method of operation of a drum-type roller peeling machine.       

Description of the machines:

- Q107

Drum-type roller peeling machines 
Advantages and disadvantages, fields of application

Further roller peeling machines you can find under subsections:

A.-  1.1     -    Roller peeling machines, R-OW series
A.-  1.7     -    "Radical" roller peeling machines R-RAD-60-A to R-RAD-150-A, etc.
A.-  1.8     -    "Universal Skin Remover" (SR) Machines R-SR-60-A to R-SR-150-A, etc.
A.-  1.32   -    Roller peeling machines, series "100"
A.-  1.21   -    DORNOW - custom designed peeling machines

Please also see "Further reading" in subsection 1.1