A.   -   1. peeling machines

Dry Peeling Machines after steam-peeling 
Universal Skin-Remover (SR) Machines

to R-SR-250-A
(0175 ff.)



For skin removal after steam-peeling (steaming vessel, container),


simultaneously as a possible extra peeler, after steam peeling through a (full or partial) carborundum coating of the cylinders,


as a possible post-washing unit for the peeled tubers / root vegetables, to be placed on the last meter of the up to 4-meter long cylinders (=rollers),


as independent carborundum roller peeling machine, if the machine is supposed to operate without previous steam-peeling.

When peeling partially steamed produce, or produce with "bulky" skin (onions, etc.),  the addition of  water may be required.
Available in sizes as in listed subsection 1.1: "DORNOW" roller peeling machines of the R-OW- series."


Also suitable for the re-peeling of steam peeled potatoes are "multi-disc peeling machines -MSS" in blade-type version.

Please see  subsection 1.2 - Multi-disc peeling machines "MSS".

Further roller peeling machines you can find under subsection:

A.  1.1     -    Roller peeling machines, R-OW series
A.  1.7     -    Radical roller peeling machines R-RAD-60-A to R-RAD-250-A, etc.
A.  1.24   -    Drum-type peeling machines
A.  1.32   -    Roller peeling machines, series 100

Further reading:


Skin removal after steam peeling  (better: after the "steaming converter" or after the "steaming container") through DORNOW universal skin remover (SR) machines (Types SR-60, SR-90, SR-110, SR-130, SR 150) and others.
Q78  Repeeling of still blemished steam-peeled potatoes and other tubers / root vegetables with DORNOW roller peeling machines.
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Q70 Usability of "waste" peel, especially potato "waste" peel from mechanically operating dry peeling machines.