A.   -   2.   peeling PLANTS
    From raw material input up to packing

11. New potato peeling plant in Spain
  with cutting station for french fries, preserving and packaging plant.

Dosing plant (regular and adjustable input of potatoes), stone catcher and DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-90-A.

Roller inspection table.
Belt, cutting machine (french fries, slices), sorting device for french fries, preserving and sack-filling device (packaging).

Please also see Subsection 1 - "Peeling machines" !

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A few thoughts on the construction of a modern and efficient peeling system for potatoes and other tubers and root vegetables in a commercial potato peeling plant - Located in Western Europe -
Q15 An Invitation to View Various Peeling Systems
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A Simple Processing System for Peeled Potatoes, etc, from Small to Medium Peeling Capacities: simple and inexpensive lines for washing, inspection, preservation, weighing and packaging of peeled potatoes etc.

The new DORNOW Large-scale Peeling System in L. for peeling, cutting and packaging potatoes, carrots and other tubers and root vegetables for supermarkets, canteen kitchens and catering businesses. Capacity up to 2,5t/h of finished product, area required for set-up: approx. 25 x 15 m

Steam Peelers, Combinations of Mechanical and Steam Peelers
Two Possibilities for Economic Optimisation of Steam Peeling Lines for Peeling Root Vegetables and Tubers.

Please also see "Further reading" in Subsection 1 - "Peeling machines"

The sections mentioned there
provide information about those machines which are suitable for use in peeling systems.