A.   -   2.   peeling PLANTS
    From raw material input up to packing

8. The new DORNOW peeling plant with cutting station in Ireland:
  Complete peeling plant in Ireland: 
Storage for raw materials, roller peeling machine R-OW-110-A, pump for the peeling waste, storage bin for underwater storage, roller inspection table, chain conveyor, chip cutting machine (french fry cutting machine).

Peeling produce:  potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips.
Capacity:  approx. 1 t finished goods per hour.
  Aine and Orla, the proud owners of the new peeling plant 
in front of the new hall.

Please also see Subsection 1 - "Peeling machines" !

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A Simple Processing System for Peeled Potatoes, etc, from Small to Medium Peeling Capacities: simple and inexpensive lines for washing, inspection, preservation, weighing and packaging of peeled potatoes etc.

The new DORNOW Large-scale Peeling System in L. for peeling, cutting and packaging potatoes, carrots and other tubers and root vegetables for supermarkets, canteen kitchens and catering businesses. Capacity up to 2,5t/h of finished product, area required for set-up: approx. 25 x 15 m

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Please also see "Further reading" in Subsection 1 - "Peeling machines"

The sections mentioned there
provide information about those machines which are suitable for use in peeling systems.