12.   Dornow Roller Peeling Machines
      now with interior diameter up to 2.5 m, diameter of the peeling rollers approx. 100 or 150 mm, length of the peeling rollers up to approx. 4000 mm, capacities of up to 25 t/h input.

Industry is demanding increasingly higher capacities.
Dornow has continued to develop and is able to deliver mechanically operating roller peelers of up to 25 t/h input. These machines are also able to peel tubers and root vegetables, in most cases without water / waste water.

Basic information on these machines can be found under section A. - peeling machines

subsection A. - 1.1    -  Roller peeling machines, R-OW series and
subsection A. - 1.32  -  Roller peeling machines, series "100"

Information about further types of roller peeling machines can be obtained under section:

A. 1.7  "Radical" roller peeling machines R-RAD-60-A to R-RAD-250-A, etc.
A. 1.8 "Universal Skin Remover" (SR) Machines R-SR-60-A to R-SR-250-A, etc.
A. 1.24 Drum-type peeling machines