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To the web site of DORNOW food technology GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany, a family-run business with more than 50 years direct experience!

Main topics: the Dornow machines for PeelingFryingPreserving natural fruits.



The DORNOW program "Peeling Technology" contains more than 50 types of peeling machines of various constructions and capacity sizes.

DORNOW built the first roller peelers in Europe – as well as the first to work without waste water! These days, DORNOW builds probably the largest mechanical peeling machines in the world! A huge range of peeling machines is available!

DORNOW runs a Peeling Test Centre containing lots of peeling machines of various designs, which can be demonstrated and tested. Special features: the peeling of apples, onions, cassava, etc., DORNOW - Freeze-Peeling



Specialised in small to medium-sized French fry production plants up to 1000 kg/h of pre-fried goods, especially for countries and regions in which this kind of production is just starting up. DORNOW possesses a lot of expertise, because, starting about 40 years ago, the company helped shape the beginnings of this production in Europe, which is why it has direct experience of it.



The preserving of peeled potatoes, other tubers and root vegetables as well as fruit and tropic fruit such as cassava (manioc) in plastic bags by heat treatment results in long shelf lives (fully preserved).

We plan, deliver and install all systems anywhere in the world!

Ask us for confidential advice and visit us:
Düsseldorf International Airport is not far from our premises!

Best regards,

Karl-Dietrich Dornow, Managing Director




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