Important Components of Peeling plants

Raw material treatment before DORNOW plants

       ► Crate Tipping Devices
       ► Acceptance, Storage and 
            Dosing Bins 

       ► Conveyor Belts
       ► Storage Systems
       ► Crate Storage Systems
       ► Sorting Machines and

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Sorters for tubers and root vegetables in wet areas

       ► Drum-type sorters
       ► French fries sorters 4M 
       ► Industrial Sorters

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Stone catchers, stone catching technology for wet areas

       ► Screw-type stone scatcher
       ► Rotation stone catcher

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Conveying, Storage and Dosing Technology in the wet sector

       ► Conveying Technology in
            Wet Areas 

       ► Storage and Dosing
            Technology in Wet Areas  

       ► Plastic chains
            product DORNOW


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Washing Machines, Centrifuges

       ► Drum Washing Machines
       ► Brush Machines
       ► Centrifuges


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Packaging Machines and Tables for peeled products

       ► Preserving and sack filling
            machines, electronic

       ► Chamber vacuum
            packaging devices 

       ► Inspection and packaging
            (in combination) 

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Inspection Tables

       ► Roller Inspection Tables
       ► Conveyor Inspection

       ► Static Inspection Tables 
       ► Screw Roller Inspection

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Water filtration plants

       ► Drum separators
       ► Cleaning basins
       ► Filtration devices for waste

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Cutting Machines and Plants

       ► Potato halving and
            quartering -machines 

       ► French fries (chips) cutting

       ► Universal Cutting

       ► „Top and tail“ onion
            cutting machines 

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Production Aids and Accessories

       ► Laboratory Equipment
            for potato processing

       ► Pumps, platforms, bins,
           working tables
       ► Plastic baskets
       ► Pitting spoons

       ► Plastic chains

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