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The family company DORNOW exists more than 50 years and delivers a great quantity of industrial peeling machines of different sizes and construction, with low or even without waste water for potatoes, onions, roots, beetroots, cassava etc., partly for fruit as apples, Hokaido and other tropical fruit.

DORNOW delivers complete peeling plants for the mentioned fruit to all continents!

Presently DORNOW constructs the biggest mechanical peeling machines worldwide.

It is possible to test the machines with raw material at your choice. Consulting discussions can be held.

Especially in the field of the industrial potato, onion and apple peeling new solutions can be offered.

We are also specialists in the field of conveyance, storage and dosage techniques in the wet area, inspection lines, special cutting machines and waste water technology.

All machines can be visited, if you click into the world of our machines under product information.

DORNOW is family-owned for more than 50 years, located in Düsseldorf, Germany, close to the international airport of the town, easy to reach via motorways and trains. Visit us!

                                                                          Welcome in Düsseldorf!