Roller Peeling Machines
for the peeling of potatoes, carrots, celery tubers, beetroot (cooked and uncooked), cassava, onions and other roots and other roots and tubers

Computer-Aided Peeling CAP,
Dornow Innovation
  Peeling tests in our Peeling Test Center
or near by possible!

DORNOW-Roller Peeling Machines series
for potatoes, celery tubers, cassava, onions and all other tubers and roots,

peeling rollers Ø:  150 mm
inner conveying screw:  Ø 500 to 2500 mm,
length of peeling rollers:  from 2000 to 4000 mm 

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Peeling machines finder 

All roller peeling machines
    working without waste water
    for almost all areas
    of application 

Length of peeling rollers from
    2 to 4 m

Peeling rollers Ø 100 mm
    or 150 mm

Conveying screw Ø
    from 500 to 2500 mm

More than 20 peeling roller
    profiles have been
    developped for the widest
    range of products


Soft to abrasive peeling possible

Micro fine grinding peeling

Carborundum recoating in our
    workshop or "Do it yourself"  - 
    we deliver the materials

Made in Germany and EU!

DORNOW constructs the probably
    largest roller peeling machines


For more than 35 years DORNOW
    has been the leading constructor
roller peeling machines


DORNOW has built the first roller
    peeling machines in Europe!

Science based peeling, our 

Peeling Control Appliance SKG 

Clean air peeling possible!

Two possibilities for Economic
    Optimisation of steam peeling
    lines for peeling root,
    vegetables and tubers

Photos of peeled products

Video carrots peeling 
    Video potatoes peeling

DORNOW-Roller Peeling Machines 
series "100" 

for potatoes, carrots and many other roots 
and tubers, 

peeling rollers Ø 100 mm,
inner conveying screw: Ø 500 to 2500 mm, 
length of peeling rollers: 2000 to 3000 mm 

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Drum Roller Peeling Machines
for special use



     Cassava Roller Peeling Machines

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      Radical - Roller Peeling Machines
      for the peeling of poor roots and tubers 
      (with an intended lot of waste)


      Dry Peeling Machines
      after Steam Peeling
      Universal - "Skin-Remover" (SR) -
      Roller Peeling Machines

      for the cleaning of steam peeled potatoes
      and other tubers and roots



      Brush Roller Peeling Machines

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