PEELING MACHINES for potatoes, roots, fruit

A complete program of the most modern mechanical peeling machines of all sizes

for the peeling of potatoes  (also cooked), carrots, celery, beetroot (cooked and uncooked), onions and other roots and tubers, e.g. cassava, many sorts of fruit, e.g. apples and tropical fruit, e.g. mangos


Roller Peeling Machines
continuously working
for medium-sized and large capacities 
Series R-OW,
    rollers Ø: 150 mm

Series 100,
    rollers Ø: 100 mm 
Drum Roller Peeling Machine
  bild1 rollenschaelmaschine_5053  

Peeling tests in our
Peeling Test Center or near
    by possible!

► Computer-Aided Peeling CAP,
Dornow Innovation

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Photos of peeled products

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► Working without waste water in
    almost all areas of application

Soft to aggressive peeling

Micro Fine Grain peeling

Blade Peeling
    Necessity or Luxury?

No "Flat Peeling"

 Our requirement:
    Science-based peeling!!

DORNOW: Intelligent peeling

Made in Germany and EU!

DORNOW:  More than 50 years
    leading in the field of peeling

DORNOW constructed the first
    peeling machines working
    without waste water 

DORNOW constructed the first
    roller peeling machines
    in Europe   

Pure-Air peeling possible

Peeling control device PCD

We will peel your product here.
    You will get comment and

    Look Peeling Test Center

Carborundum Replacements:
    Do it yourself! -
    Materials will be delivered by

Multi-disc Peeling Machines
continuously working
for medium-sized to large capacities

  MSS-M     Blade peeling
  MSS-K      Carborundum peeling
  MSS-KM   Carborundum/blade peeling
  MSS-Z      Onion peeling
  bild2 multischeibenschaelmaschine    
Knife Peeling Machines
continuously and not continuously
for small-sized to large capacities

  bild P1050205_kl_kl    
Onion Peeling Machines
  Series MSS-Z               
  Series R-OW                 
  Series20Z and 35 Z
  Onion Top-and-Tail-
     Peeling Machines

  bild P1050165_kl    
Batch Type Peeling Machines
for medium-sized and large capacities
manual operation or fully automatical

Peeling with carborundum, blade and onion
peeling discs (partly replacement)

  bild3 topfschaelmaschinen_P1060773