Multi-disc Peeling Machines
for the peeling of potatoes, celery tubers, beetroots (cooked and uncooked), onions  other roots and tubers, various sorts of fruit, e.g. apples, mangos

Computer-Aided Peeling CAP,
DORNOW Innovation

Peeling tests with your product in our  Peeling Test Center possible

Multi-disc Peeling Machines "MSS"

continuously working

Universal peeling machines, convertible to blade-type, carborundum and onion peeling machines.

Also available with specially designed discs, e.g. for boiled potatoes in their jacket

MSS-M     blade type
MSS-K      carborundum
MSS-KM   combined
                     blade-type peeling
MSS-Z      onion peeling
MSS-S     peeling with
                    specially designed

bild1-P1060584 kl

bild2-P1010656 kl

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Photos of peeled products

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Extremely gentle peeling procedure, also for the effective peeling of sensitive products

 Utmost flexibility due to quick change of the peeling tools

Brief description of the continuously working multi-disc peeling machine MSS

Working without waste water in almost all areas of application!!

Micro-fine grinding peeling possible!

Soft to abrasive peeling

Blade peeling in industrial peeling factories – Necessity or luxury?

Made in Germany !

Onion Peeling Machines and lines
continuously working

        ► MSS-Z    onion peeling

T + T      onion top and tail
                   peeling machines  

► peeling of onions for 
    industrial use


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Apple Peeling Machines 
continuously working

also for longish apples for industrial use

bild4-P1050584 kl


Peeling Machines for potatoes boiled in their jacket
continuously working

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► Peeling of potatoes boiled in their jacket  - Quality improvement and/or profit- boosting manufacture of potato products by peeling this process designed for boiled potatoes.

Peeling Machines for fruit
continuously working

Many sorts of fruit can be excellently peeled.

photos of peeled products

bild6-P1000797 kl

Peeling of mangos

Video mango peeling